High temperature heat pumps in an environmental context

Energy and cost efficient, high temperature heat pumps are increasingly turned to as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel based options.


An analysis of the environmental impact of a high temperature heat pump can be accessed through the link below:


Environmental impact of high temperature industrial heat pumps – from a global warming potential (GWP) perspective




To read about the environmental footprint of a Stirling cycle-based very high temperature heat pump, where it is evaluated using a “cradle to grave” LCA approach, click on the link below:


Evaluation of the Environmental Sustainability of a Stirling Cycle-Based Heat Pump Using LCA




To find out how a Stirling-cycle-based heat pump, The HighLift, compares with heating technologies based on various fuels (oil, natural gas, biomass, bio-oil), and which is best for the environment, click the link below:


Prediction of Stirling-cycle-based heat pump performance and environmental footprint




Pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca, is making huge efforts in the way of sustainability. Read about how the HighLift heat pump, installed at their facilities in Gothenburg, is assisting their efforts:


Environmentally friendly steam generation using VHTHPs at a pharmaceutical research facility